Can a tiny TILE save you energy ?

英雄联盟s10竞猜In my prior role, I had the great privilege of supporting some of the most innovative companies on the planet to bring their products to market.  It meant I spent a lot of time understanding their value to end users and their competitive market space, and figuring out how to manufacture the products.

One of the companies I was most struck with produced a tiny tile sensor (2cm square x 0.6mm thick) – which is a multi-functional sensor, totally encapsulated and with a broadcast range of up to 70m.  Importantly it took seconds to deploy, there was no need for wiring and it would sense anything from temperature to proximity.  Importantly the battery life is circa 15 years.

We recently started a project with a food manufacturer monitoring cold stores and refrigerated spaces.  The sensors cost very little to deploy and they report every time the temperature moves by 0.1oC.  We can use this data to evidence compliance with food standards or manufacturing standards, or also to spot issues, identify failing systems and allow for preventative action.   This data supports the business cases for equipment upgrades and energy savings investments.

The functionality has also come on since I first engaged it, and with the same small tile, you can monitor for leaks and humidity levels in real time.  They also have fully food standard certified devices.  We can provide this “as a Service” for a small monthly cost.

This is just one of several “smart” technologies we are now using to reduce refrigeration and chiller operating costs, compressed air operating costs, as well as help reduce maintenance costs.

英雄联盟s10竞猜This is the reason Onsite Energy Projects exists - we help businesses implement the full potential of both energy efficiency and on-site generation measures.  We recognised the challenge of capex availability and can provide a no-capex, off-balance sheet solution.

David Kipling