Corporate PPAs ("Green Washing") surge

Renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs) struck by European corporations soared to 8GW in total in 2019. The 2.5GW yearly rise was down largely to the continent’s expanded solar and wind capacity, particularly offshore.

Citing its 2019 survey of 1,200 firms in six countries, authors of the report ‘Risk Mitigation for Corporate Renewable PPAs’ found stabilising energy costs remained the biggest motivation for deals, cited by 92 per cent of respondents.

A PPA is an agreement to purchase power generated. These PPAs though involve buying power that is generated remotely and is transported via the grid, so is really just buying “green” power to the detriment of others who then use the “dirtier” power. This practice is lauded by corporates…who are increasingly looking at ways in which they can reduce the impact of their own operations on the environment”.

英雄联盟s10竞猜With respect, I call BS on that. These organisations are really doing nothing / very little to reduce their demand at their sites and this is “green washing”. If they really want to have an impact they should address onsite generation and energy efficiency

David Kipling