Five thermal energy grand challenges for decarbonization

Fascinating paper by Asegun Henry, Ravi Prasher and Arun Majumdar (MIT, Lawrence Berkeley, Stanford) - definitely worth a read -

They identify that roughly 90% of the world’s energy use today involves generation or manipulation of heat over a wide range of temperatures, but this is an area with relatively little innovation focus.

They note five key applications of research that could help make significant progress towards mitigating climate change at the necessary scale and urgency:
- thermal storage systems
- decarbonizing industrial heat
- cooling and heat pump systems
- long distance transmission of heat
- variable conductance building envelopes

Their conclusion: "It seems inconceivable that we can achieve deep decarbonization without technological breakthroughs in thermal science and engineering. Yet, thermal science and
engineering has not received as much attention from the research community and funding organizations."

英雄联盟s10竞猜I absolutely see these opportunities in my day to day work with energy intensive businesses. We are pleased to be leading the way with applications for innovative heat recovery systems and “tailoring” heat recovery to deliver heat from -40C to +250C.

David Kipling