Data-led Energy & Sustainability Solutions



We identify our savings solutions based on data gathered from consumption meters, measurement and observation, to ensure our proposals are both appropriate to your operations and achieve the best possible savings. 

Our process applied in the same manufacturing facilities (for a global manufacturing firm) against those performed by a leading energy audit firm, resulted in 5x the value of savings than identified by the audit firm. We put that difference down to much deeper data and appraisal against a wider number of technologies.

holistic energy solutions

We work with a wide portfolio of energy savings solutions (more than 150). As a data-led organisation we focus on identifying the correct combination of technology that works best for your organisation. This is based on the analysis rather than having a product-led, sales driven approach. 

improve your environmental impact

By reducing your energy usage and using the energy more efficiently we can reduce the emissions generated. This is not only good for the environment it also supports your business from a compliance and reporting perspective. This can also save you money by reducing the carbon emissions certificates you need to purchase.

improved sustainability and resilience

Solutions offered will provide a stable and completely resilient energy supply to your business.