Solutions - brief overview

We are not a product led organisation. We deploy the appropriate technologies following individual site analysis.  Some examples of the types of solutions that we deploy.


Combined Heat and power (CHP)

CHP can provide multiple benefits in the right situations. Not only by generating electricity efficiently onsite, but also by using the heat generated by the CHP to off-set energy used to produce heating or cooling within your facility.

.Waste heat can be applied to provide anything from +270oC to -40oC.  So anything from cold stores, refrigerated food manufacturing, cheese maturing, swimming pools to steam intensive manufacturing and even chemicals, ceramics or glass manufacturing with high temperature furnaces can benefit from CHP. 

For one of our clients, we identified a way to save over 2,000,000 kWh of electricity and 12,000,000 kWh of gas using the waste heat from the CHP – with savings of over £450,000.  For another in plastic injection moulding, we can save around 30% of the costs by using the heat.

英雄联盟s10竞猜Other benefits include improved business resilience as you generate electricity and heat at your premises, and the grid becomes your primary backup.



Storage technologies can be used to capture surplus or cheaper energy (electricity and thermal), and release it when needed. This can assist in reducing exposure to peak tariff rates or in smoothing the operation of other technologies. Battery storage can also enhance resilience against grid issues such as voltage and frequency fluctuations. The business case for storage usually requires detailed data analysis to support it.



英雄联盟s10竞猜We work with leading companies in both solar PV and solar thermal technology.

英雄联盟s10竞猜The cost of solar PV has fallen significantly in the last few years, and can provide a meaningful contribution towards off-setting grid demand, and at a fraction of grid costs. The sizing of a PV array needs careful data analysis to ensure the power from the array is consumed within the premises.

Similarly, we also work with a leading UK solar thermal technology, that can produce renewable heat suitable for low temperature hot water for industrial and commercial uses. An array of 200 kW (600 m2) can produce enough power for more than 125,000 showers, making it ideal for energy consumers with year round need for hot water (leisure, food manufacturing, healthcare etc)



英雄联盟s10竞猜We offer a daily energy management service, where we use artificial intelligence (pattern recognition, predictive analysis and benchmarking) to identify anomalies in your energy consumption data (from your fiscal and sub-metering), which can indicate incorrect usage, errors in settings and maintenance issues. We can then raise actions on the relevant location to investigate and make quick win savings. We charge a small fee per month per meter for this service.

英雄联盟s10竞猜An example where this benefited a manufacturing client, was identifying an erroneous set-point change in the BMS, which would have cost £5,000 per month had it gone uncorrected.

英雄联盟s10竞猜This is ideal for busy energy managers who need more bandwidth and don’t have enough time to review half-hourly data regularly.



英雄联盟s10竞猜As well as the products listed above we use other cutting edge technologies, including other artificial intelligence, IoT and machine learning products. We have spent years globally researching the available new technologies and how they could benefit with regards to energy savings and production.